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Judith Cavalcanti - Visual Artist

Judith Cavalcanti (Recife, 1981) is graduated in Law, specialized in Human Rights.

She is a self-taught artist (since 2017).

Judith's inspiration comes from strong colors, sinuosities and the discovery of details. She uses different materials and techniques: acrylic, oil, pastel, paper, fabric, thread, stones and photography. More recently, she is trying to add 3D elements to her works, in order to make them accessible to other senses, in addition to vision.

Her works have already illustrated technical and literary publications in Brazil. Recently, in Portugal, she had a finalist work for the Absolut Creative Contest, converted into the limited edition of Christmas 2019. She has participated in exhibitions in Latin America and Europe. She lives and works in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal.

Judith saw herself as an artist from the age of 30, after an experience with ayahuasca, in rituals originated from the Amazonian indigenous. Initially, she explored purely aesthetic characteristics; years later, she managed to unite art with her experience of activism in defense of human rights. Since then, the artist has been guided by the political-philosophical debate and usually portrays Brazilian culture in a contemporary ideological perspective.

Academic Dialogue

2019 - now

Participant of NowHere - exchanges and artistic experiences. Supervisors: Cristiana Tejo (curator) and Marilá Dardot (visual artist). Portugal.

2008 - now

Participant of O Direito Achado na Rua. Supervisors: José Geraldo de Sousa Júnior e Alexandre Bernardino Costa. Brazil.

2008 - 2010

Master in Law. Universidade de Brasília. Brazil.

1999 - 2004

Law Graduation. Universidade Católica de Pernambuco. Brazil



Finalist in the Top 10 of the national phase (Portugal). in Absolut Creative Competition. Work: Absolute Diversity (ref.18017). Portugal.


Finalist in the Top 50 of the national phase (Portugal). Absolut Creative Competition. Work: Diversity (ref. 18010). Portugal.


1st place in the Citizen category of the National Human Rights Award of Brazilian National Association of Labor Magistrates (ANAMATRA), with the project Popular Legal Promoters of Decent Domestic Work. Brazil.




NowHere. Lisbon. Portugal. Works:  Laroyê (Ref. 20020), Eparrey (Ref. 20021), Okê arô (Ref. 20023), Ógún ieé (Ref. 20024), Epa Epa Babá (Ref. 20025).


Resistance of art in a Brazil of setbacks. At the International Seminar Law as Freedom: 30 years of  The Law Found on the Street. Brasilia,DF. Brazil. Work: Body and Soul (ref.18009).


Resistance of art in a Brazil of setbacks. At Lisbon Feminist Festival. Lisbon. Portugal. Work: Body and Soul (ref.18009).


World Social Forum. How to resist in today's world?. Works: Body and Soul (ref.18009) and Diversity (ref.18010). Bahia. Brazil.



19/jun to 24/07 – Exhibition Correnteza. Curator: Cristiana Tejo. Location: Quinta da Piedade Palace. Realization: Vila Franca de Xira City Council. Portugal.


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